The Imazighen refers to “free humans” or “free men”, are commonly known as Berbers. Even today the Berbers are ethnically — but far from politically — the dominant part of the populations of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania although stereotypically these countries are seen as Arab countries.

Isolated Berber-speaking groups are found all over North Africa. A colorful nomadic Berber tribe, the Tuaregs, whose male warriors wear blue dresses and indigo-colored veils, still roam the Sahara desert.

In January 2017, I went to Morocco for second time to get to know more of the Sahara desert nomad culture. The exploration took me to Sahara desert where I spent the night enjoying local tribe music, to being invited to locals houses for lunch and traditional Berber whiskey.

Every year I travel to Morocco to discover more glimpse of it`s culture. The project is still ongoing

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